How to overcome Insomnia?

You are lying in bed and you just keep on tossing and turning. The thoughts keep on running through your head. The hour is getting late and you’re still not able to sleep. What to do? How can you function the next day, if you can’t get a reasonable amount of sleep? Well, these are all good questions and I will try to answer them and help you gain a better sleep, by giving you 5 tips you can imply, the next time you are in bed.

First Tip- Don’t fight with your sleep. If you can’t go to sleep within 15 minutes from going to bed- get up and do something else. Try to do some boring activity, you have been putting away for a long time. By doing so you gain two benefits- You become more sleepy (when you lie in bed and force yourself to sleep- you only become more stressed) and you don’t waste your time – you use it in order to complete an activity, that you considered too boring to do in the past.

Second Tip- You can count on your body to get the amount of sleep you need. If you have slept only a few hours last night or havn’t slept at all- there is no reason for worry and that is because your body will find the time to gain the sleep it needs. You might go to sleep earlier after not getting much sleep the night before or maybe you will catch up after a few sleepless nights. Either way- your body will know how to maintain itself and get the rest it needs. You should trust your body, listen to it and give it the option for proper rest when it needs it.

I think that Tohomas Edison and his sleep patterns are very inspiring and they are described by his wife in the book “The power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale- “It was Mr.Edison’s custom to come into the house from his laboratory after many hours of labor and lie down on his old couch. He would fall asleep as naturally as a child, in perfect relaxation, sinking into a deep and untroubled slumber. After three or four, or sometimes even five hours he would become instantly wide awake, completely refreshed, and eager to return to his work.”

Third Tip- Don’t invite unwanted partners. Imagine yourself lying in bed, while a couple of bears are lying beside you- can you go to sleep like that? Probably not. The same goes to worry, anger or fear. Before getting to bed, you need to let go of all the emotions that can easily keep you awake. How can you let go? By simply letting go. Tell yourself you did your best today and you hope for the best tomorrow. You can also imagine, with your eyes closed, how you remove each disturbing thought. You can see yourself as a tiny person that removes all the disturbing thoughts one by one from your mind.

Fourth Tip- Spend some time alone meditating every day. By doing so you will be able to fall asleep faster and your sleep time will be more efficient. In our days it’s hard to find 15 minutes for yourself, but you must. I believe that spending 15 minutes a day concentrating on your breathing and body sensations, will calm your mind and improve your health.

Fifth Tip- fill your mind with faith and gratitude. Think of all the things you take for granted in your life and you should be feeling more gratitude towards. Keep in mind that not everyone are lucky as you. Even in your worst times, there are still many things you can be thankful for and you can still consider yourself lucky in many ways. Why is it so important? Because it will cause you to feel more joy and happiness, which as a result will calm your mind. In the end this is our biggest purpose- to achieve more happiness, which is much easier than we tend to think. You can achieve it by simply helping others get more happiness and also feeling gratitude for your blessings in life.

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