Seeing the Bigger Picture

There are many boring little things that I find myself doing during the day. This post is dedicated to those boring moments, to those moments that are part of work but not the part I like.

There are better days in the office and there are worse. There are days where you are packed with enthusiasm trying to do something new and there are other times when you sit and do the same things you have been doing over and over in the past and you don’t particularly like. In a day like this, you might sit next to your desk at work and ask yourself why you do what you do. You might even ask yourself what is the meaning behind what you are doing? good questions, let’s try and answer them.

First of all, you need to know that those questions make the process of doing a job you don’t like much tougher. This is why it is important to resolve them and try to get them out of your system. When facing a boring task that makes it hard for you to get motivated, try to see the wider picture. Remind yourself that any business large or small has many tedious works that need to be done. When you keep in mind the big picture and you remind yourself that these boring tasks are the ones that lead you and the business to its goals, the task becomes more possible to manage.

You can also see the benefit and the value you bring to the world by doing your task. Maybe your work seems totally irrelevant and not important, but if you get paid it’s a good sign that you are adding value somewhere, you are helping someone, whether you see it or not when you sit next to your desk. If you try and focus on all the positive things that your work might yield, as boring and not meaningful it might seem at first glance, you can manage all the less pleasant times in your day much more easily.

For conclusion, seeing the bigger picture and trying to see the meaning in your work can serve you. It can motivate you to go to work when you are not too enthusiastic and it can help you pass less cheerful moments, which everyone has from time to time..

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