Are You Doing Your Best?

A good question to ponder is are you doing the best you can do. It’s good to ask yourself from time to time, are you really making the most out of your career, out of your relationships… Are you leaving a legacy behind you, are you doing the things that really matter to you? Taking the time to ponder on these questions, can yield a lot of benefits.

I guess that there are always some areas of life where you can stretch yourself more. Put more effort, challenge yourself. You might ask yourself why go through all this discomfort, why work so hard? Why try to be the best you can be at work? Why try to make the most out of your relationships with your close ones? Why go through all that effort? If you think about it for a second, Why not? That might be the best answer. This is the best time to do all the things that are really meaningful and important for you.

It’s a bit ironic that we might strive to become better and earn more money, only in the hope that our lives will become more comfortable. Comfort might be important for some extent, but it can’t bring us more happiness after a certain amount of it. We sometimes confuse comfort as some measure that defines the quality of our lives. Our happiness and our general well-being aren’t so effected from our level of comfort in life. In fact, it’s in the times that we are less comfortable that we tend to grow and develop. Those not so pleasant times can be the best times for our inner growth, for developing a better self-esteem and feeling generally happier. This is also why it’s important to challenge yourself all the time and not feeling too comfortable.

In conclusion, when you take one of your next breaks, take some time to ponder alone. Ask yourself some questions and take the time to think about them. You are not in a race, but you are definitely been given a rare opportunity to do what you want to do in life. So just take the time to see if you are doing what you really want and where you might improve things a little more. Good luck

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