Volunteering Is for The Soul

Not long ago, a few months ago to be more exact, I started to volunteer. I have set this goal 3 years ago, but only recently had the chance to fulfill it. After filling an application and going through interviews, I was accepted and got the chance to make a good impact on other people’s lives. In a way, it’s one of the more meaningful things I have done in my life, if not the most meaningful one. So, what do I do?

I volunteer in giving mental assistance (sort of a ‘first aid’ assistance), for people who are on the break of suicide (In fact, I’m still going through a 4 month intensive training period, during which I only volunteer with guidance) . For me, being raised as a pretty spoiled boy, it was quiet shocking to be exposed to some of the content during the training or some of the stories that I have seen on my shifts. Violence, sexual harassment and other great hardships are the daily reality of some of the people who arrive at our door. So why should someone get his head into all of that stuff? Why bother?

There are a few good reasons. First of all, You can make a huge difference in other people’s life and that is a true gift. Another good reason is to learn how to be more empathic and patient. Those traits are being strengthened while you volunteer and will be handy for you, when you or someone close to you feels down. Moreover, being able to totally focus on other people’s problems, that are much bigger than your own problems, causes you to be aware to your relatively good fortune in life. So, should you volunteer?

That is a good question. I don’t think that you need to volunteer in order to make a great change in people’s life. Being kind to one another, whenever possible, is a great way to make an impact. However, if you find some worthy goal you are passionate about and you are willing to contribute from your own time to promote it- I believe that you are really lucky. Contributing your time is a privilege. I feel very lucky, that I was fortunate enough to have free time to promote things that I care about. For me having this privilege is a part of successful living. I wish you will enjoy this great privilege too.

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