You Can’t Hit a Target That You Can’t See

Well, the sentence above sounds quite obvious. However, only a few times in our life we stop and think whether or not we are heading towards the places we desire. Have you ever thought about the direction you are moving towards?

You should start doing so. Time is at the essence. It’s your most valuable resource. When you move through life without no awareness, you are sleep walking. In fact, most people go through life, without no innovative thinking. Most people do the regular things most people do. They do the same things and think the same thoughts. They don’t know that they have a choice in life. Greatness is a choice. Happiness is a choice. What should you do?

Define the things you want. I truly believe that the greatest goal is genuine lasting happiness. You should set a goal to become as happy as you can. When you start analyzing the things you do – you will see that you might need to do a couple of changes in order to get to where you want. You might need to do some work on your thinking patterns and start cultivating more positive ones. You might decide that you need a different job or another relationship. It’s up to you. After you have made your thinking, take out a plain sheet of paper and start writing exactly what you want. Define the route you need to take and don’t save on the details. Think how you will feel after you will make the change. Also, try to visualize what changes are needed from your part, in order to take this unknown route. You may need to take some risks and stare life straight in the eyes.

For conclusion, I hope that you have a well-defined target. It’s perfectly normal to change them every now and then. However, when you know your targets, you have a much better chance of actually hitting them. I wish you happiness.

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