I Am Not Perfect

Well, the last week was quite enlightening for me. After struggling with my business in the last two months, I realized that I can’t always make things happen. I worked a lot during those months, but my income went downhill. Facing my own fears in the past week and admitting that my business model wasn’t as good as I thought it was, gave me a great sense of relief. Where it all started form?

As you know, I have started my entrepreneurship road in the last two years. I am an online marketer and being self-employed, gave me a lot of insights. Some of those insights have become very clear to me this week. One of the main reasons that my income went down, is forgetting where it all started from. Once, when I began I wanted to build a stable business model, that will give value to other people and will make me a stable profit (that will gradually increase). However, a few opportunities to make a high profit, which was short term, got me out of my track. I succeeded to make money in those opportunities, but my mistake was (which is a pretty natural one) that I began chasing those opportunities. I wanted to make more profits and fast- I didn’t thought long term. The result wasn’t late to come- I have left with almost no profit at all in the last month. But, wait…

Well, the story is an optimistic one  . After admitting my mistakes in the last week and facing my fear that it might be that there is no future in my business, I felt like a rock got off my chest. When I told my friends and family about my mistakes, I felt even better- I felt that it is totally fine to be wrong sometimes (I am not perfect after all…  ). So what is the optimistic side?

Besides from sharing my mistakes and feeling good about it, I have begun thinking on new business models that will sustain for more time. I actually feel quite optimistic and it seems that things will work out. The lessons I got on the way, were definitely worth it. Now I realize that challenging times will come, but planning ahead will make them a lot easier next time.


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