How To Feel Great All The Time?

Well, that’s a tough question, But in the following post I will try to give you some answers. What leads me to write this post? In the past few days I have been working like crazy. I can certainly say that I was sometimes very enthusiastic (when coming up with new ideas) and sometimes quite discouraged (when working a lot and not getting results). Why we have different emotions and how can we tune our state of mind? Read on…

Well, the common belief is that it’s natural to have different emotions and we have minimum or no control over them whatsoever. Well, that is not quite true. We do have a variety of emotions and they are all legitimate, but we do have control over our general feeling, as I will describe. Emotions don’t just pop up and ruin our day or vice versa turn it to a great one. There is a reason for each emotion to rise to the surface and the reason is our thinking. Yes! that’s the reason and our life events play only a small role in the process. You may think that you are feeling great, because of your brand new car or your loving relationship. That’s part of it, But the truth of the matter is that your thoughts caused you to feel great. The point is that you respond to your daily events with different thoughts and those same thoughts cause your emotions. It’s not your emotions that lead you to have wonderful thoughts, but positive thoughts that started this whole magic process. So, the conclusion so far is that if you want to feel great all the time, you need to have positive thoughts all the time that will lead you to feel this way. Is that possible?

I am not sure. I know that I definitely don’t feel great all the time, But being aware of the process described earlier, I do my best to get rid of negative thoughts (less negative ones, leaves more room to the positive ones). How to get rid of negative thoughts?

First of all don’t fight them. Be aware of them and try to notice when a negative thought is running in your mind (In fact this little thought left untreated can cause you to feel worried or stressed a few days later- one tiny thought starts the whole process…). Now, each day take some time alone to analyze the negative thoughts you found running in your head during the day. Write each thought down and see if it is truly logical and worth having (I have described this process in a lot more details in the self-esteem post, that I encourage you to read). Afterwards, rephrase each negative thought in to a more logical and positive version. This process must be in writing and Yes it takes time. However, aren’t 15 minutes of your day worth your good feeling? Think about it….

For conclusion, if you make the effort to live a better and happier life, you will be rewarded (not always instantly, but it will pay off). Taking the time and shining your mind is a really good investment. Giving more awareness to your thoughts, will gradually lead you to have less negative thoughts (By writing the thoughts down as I described above). I can only wish you success and also that you will feel great (as often as possible) while facing your own life events, circumstances and challenges.

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