What I Try To Do Every Day

Well, it’s late. I have just came back home, after a long day. In this post I want to mention a few things I try to do every single day. Here it goes…

Physical exercise- yes, I try to train every day. It can be running for half an hour or maybe punching the boxing bag in my office. I love doing sports and I feel a lot more energized after a good exercise. I do different kind of activities and I usually do it with other friends, so I won’t get bored (it is also a great way to stay in touch with your friends and have fun while exercising).

Writing in my Journal- I take 15 to 30 minutes each day to think and write. I use my journal and I think how I can improve myself. I go over the thoughts I had and the events I experienced during the day. Then I sometimes write some of the thoughts I had, that are causing me to worry, fear or not believe in myself. I analyze the thoughts and write a different way of seeing things, next to each thought that is putting me down. The “new thought” that I write is a new logical and positive way to view a certain situation. By doing this process I try to adopt more positive thinking habits.

Having fun- it’s important! It can also be little things- seeing friends, catching a movie or whatever is on my mind. The important thing is to get the daily portion, no matter how small it is:) Recently, I got back from a diving safari in the red sea. It was 3 intense days of diving and it was great. When getting back to work, I felt energized and motivated, it was definitely worth it.

Working- for a few hours each day I work. Being self-employed gives me the option to set my own working hours. Sometimes I work more hours and sometimes less, But I am very goal oriented and I don’t remove my eyes from my goal boards in my office. I try to do my work when I feel more creative and efficient. When I am not, than I usually go over to some other activities. I don’t force myself to work when I am not effective- it’s one of my working guidelines.

That’s it… Except from that I do more things, But the ones listed above are the essentials. Thanks for reading.


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